Monday, November 03, 2008

Thank You, Batman

Or should I say, thank you, Joker.

We've done our best to shelter Kemper from stuff that might scare the bejeezus out of him. We haven't exposed him to movies with guns, or really much violence at all. (As I write that, I am reminded of his comment to the emerge doctor that he hurt his back "doing mixed martial arts"....) He does watch the UFC with his dad, but technically, fighting is a sport. I'm sure many disagree, but it's easier to explain limits and draw lines with MMA. Anywho, Kemper is 3. He has a tough time differentiating between real and make believe. I'm pretty sure he thinks that the friendly monsters on "Yo, Gabba Gabba" are real. We're doing our best to define to him what is real and what isn't, but as of late, have had a tough time.

While we were away with family about a month ago, Kemper got to take in *just enough* of the movie, "Batman, The Dark Knight". Now to try and paint the picture a little clearer here, Kemper doesn't want to watch the movie "The Little Mermaid" anymore, because Ursula frightens him. He will tell you that, and he will ask repetitive questions about Ursula, and "Why is she mean?"

Now, almost a month after the "Batman Incident", Kemper will no longer go to the bathroom by himself, not even for a pee; he won't go to his room alone, he wails and screams bloody murder if he is put in time out, because that is alone in his room... he actually comes flying out of his room and grips his arms around me and will say, "I'm sorry, mama! I'm sorry! I won't ever do that again!". If he is distracted when we are in a room together, and I leave the room, he peeks when he discovers I'm not there. He has not slept a whole night since, and either wakes up screaming or wakes up and runs into our room, or since he's been repetitively evicted from our bed, he now makes his way to Nana & Papa's bed, where eviction is a tad less likely.

So, needless to say, I'm a little nervous about another change this week, when he spends his first night in the new house. I think Kevin and I might have a roommate.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Call Me Selfish

I am so ready for this to be over. The whole hugeness, hurts to roll over, takes 2 minutes to get up off the floor, back achy, heart burny, hormonal sack of it.

I feel like tapping out, and I still have 5+ weeks to go.

Kemper has been listening much better lately, and I'm sure now that I've documented that, all hell will break loose.

The count down is on for *real* now. We are 8 days away from moving into our new pad. Eight days sounds so much more real than three and a half months. So, the repack begins. I'm starting to pack up stuff we shouldn't need over the next week, so that we are ready to roll next Friday.

Once we're in the new place, I'd love to say it'll be nothing but re-lax-ation once we are in, but I'd be totally b-s-ing myself. After all, the Wiggle Worm I'm growing will be here 4 weeks after, if all goes according to plan. So I'll have 4 *whole* weeks to freak out about rooms not being ready, not having my Christmas shopping done, yadda, yadda, yadda. Part of mommy-hood I suppose!

So, listen, have you got any healthy, easy (relatively), recipes for family friendly, non heartburn inducing eats? I'm struggling here....

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

These last few weeks have been a little frustrating.

For one, we are waiting for our new home to be completed so we can move in. Luckily, they have only pushed our closing date out one week, and they gave us about a months notice. For two, Kemper is in full blown toddler mode. Who ever called it "Terrible Twos" was sooooo wrong. "Terrible Threes" it is. So there. I think that everything is wearing thin on Kemp. We've been living with my parents for almost 3 months now, which has forced them to discipline Kemper way more than I'm sure they want, but have respected my "don't let him get away with any b.s." wishes. I've also been off work since early September, and despite taking him to the park, baking with him, and taking him skating; being with mom full time is getting old. He misses his friends at daycare. I still have 7 weeks left before the new little one comes, but I am already tired. Toting around the extra poundage and keeping up with Kemper has taken a toll. Because I'm already this tired, I'm starting to freak-out about what is going to happen when the kicking monster inside comes out? Am I going to have a child that is even more obsessed with Treehouse and Playhouse Disney? I hate how much he watches TV now.... what's going to happen when I'm exhausted with a newborn, and a three year old that no longer needs naps?

I remember the early days with Kemper. They were tiring, but also blissful. I remember just being with him. Just hanging out. If I needed to sleep, I did when he did. How will this work now, when I've got someone who is also going to need some of my attention?

I know, I know.... people all over the world have done it. Which is part of what keeps me sane, but I just don't want Kemper to feel left out. I'm married to an "older brother" so I know that being an older sibling doesn't have long term effect on a person, but seeing as I'm an only child, I naturally worry about ridiculous things.... especially when they concern my first born.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Choose Your Words

I never quite lost all of the baby weight after having Kemper. It could have something to do with adding an extra 65 (yeah, I said sixty FIVE) pounds to my 5'4" frame. It was quite embarrassing at the time, and I know it was all my own doing.

That is why this time, I've committed to myself to have a healthier pregnancy. I'm not going to deny myself the odd extra yummy, but I'm definitely being more cautious of what gets through the trap this time.

"They" say that weight gain, and growth happens quicker with subsequent pregnancies, but I didn't really document my weight gain weekly, or even monthly with Kemp, I just kept thinking, "Holy shit! I weigh what?" I know that I have been on a better pace with the poundage this time, and in turn feel better about the belly.

I've never been a small girl. Battled with weight as long as I can remember... (actually, I think that the battle was with food, not weight!) I don't ever remember being comfortable in my skin, until just recently. It was before I got pregnant this time, and I came to the realization that I'm never going to be 120 lbs (unrealistic for me), and that I'm a mother and wife, and on the upside of average. I could never find my size in stores, so that must have meant I was average! Right?

So why, when I am feeling quite good about my pregnant growing belly, does someone who doesn't really know me, or matter all that much to me, saying something as simple as, "You're due in December? WOW! You're big! You're going to be HUGE!" bother me so much?

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Just like that.

Just like that we are packing up our little 3 bedroom bungalow.

Just like that I scored 94% on my first Phase of Real Estate.

Just like the "Blundell 3" is turning into the "Blundell 4".

Our house sold within a week of listing it, which is great, but frightening. We will be staying with my folks (lucky them!) for the time being, until our house is finished being built.

When I found out I was expecting baby number 2, it was an ignition of "the fire under our asses" to get our stuff together so we could list the house. In the mean time, we found our dream home, which we put an offer on, and now are waiting to be built for us. I found out a few days after I wrote my first exam that our little family was growing... now what? Continue on with the Real Estate? Absolutely. Being that we have been over the top busy, I had to reschedule my exam for October, since August came creeping up so quickly. Hopefully, studying will be easier once we are settled into ma and pa's.

F.Y.I. I'm scared out of my wits to parent two children.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

It Takes a Village

I have recently embarked on a new challenge. This challenge will benefit my family, by eventually giving me more time with them, and potentially a larger income, and will benefit me by allowing me to spend more time with my boys, and ensuring that I will be able to make it to Kemper's first hockey game.

It has been 9 years since I've forced my brain to consume anything other than how to fit 275 people into a hall for a wedding reception, or how to fit Mega Bloks together to make a beautiful castle. I had been talking about it for a while, and finally called and registered for Real Estate College.

It's been about a month now, of juggling a full time job, managing a family and finding time to absorb what the basics of REBBA 2002 are.

Kevin and I have been fortunate since the birth of Kemper, (and before even, ask my mom & dad about having their daughter move back in while she's on bed rest, and her husband is in school 2 hours away, full time!!) to have tonnes of help from our parents. If we even need a night of peace and relaxation, someone is sure to scoop him away for the evening.

Since Mom's been hitting the books, Kemper's been whisked away to Gramma & Grampa's for a weekend, and had a couple of sleepovers at Nana & Papa's so I can focus on my studies.

I miss the wee man while he's gone, but 100% appreciate all of the help!

Thank you, my little village!

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Perfectly Imperfect

Kemper and I are both Aries. We are both *Rams*. Our relationship reflects our star signs and can be rather interesting. Whether it is because we both have a fiery nature, or because I'm an only child, and sometimes we battle like siblings more than parent and child. None the less, we butt heads almost on a daily basis. I use our little squabbles to judge my own parenting skills. I try to be firm, yet understanding, and I try to make him understand through reasoning with him. This can be a challenge, when you are dealing with someone who is only two.

I'm loud by nature. Loud. Our walls are thin. We share a driveway with our neighbor, who is great, but must by now think that I am an absolute horror as a mom. When Kemper does something he was asked not to, inappropriate, or just doesn't listen, I shout. Some may call it yelling. Yes, I will call it yelling. I hate that I yell. He's not by any stretch a bad kid, and usually only gets the business when he wants my attention, which is usually when I am on the phone, or making dinner. I've started letting him help me in the kitchen when the stove isn't involved. His favorite recipe: ceasar salad; his favorite ingredient: croutons.

My question to you, do you have any kid (toddler) friendly recipes?